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Pension Buyout Guide

8 Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Pension Buyout

This guide helps you understand:

  • Pension Insights and Information
  • The Key Questions to Ask
  • Buyout Options and Pension Alternatives
  • Getting the Most from Your Transition 
Don’t Do Anything with Your Pension Buyout Offer Until You’ve Read This Guide!

Your company pension can be one of the most valuable retirement assets you own, especially if your employer matches contributions. Years of committed service can yield an important source of retirement income.

However, should you face a pension buyout, you may be lost as what to do. In this scenario you likely have two options: keep your pension as-is or accept the buyout offer. This is not an easy choice to evaluate.

To help you evaluate your options, LoneStar Financial Services is offering a complimentary guide, 8 Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Pension Buyout. This free kit gives you key insights and considerations to think about as you mull your pension buyout options.

Request our complimentary Pension Buyout Guide. We may have options that can help protect and grow your retirement.

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